SOLHEIM CUP 2023 – Welcome On board!

SOLHEIM CUP 2023 - ¡Bienvenidos a bordo!

Travel with Elegance and Sustainability to the 2023 Solheim Women’s Golf Championship, AVO Group – Autocares Vázquez Olmedo.

Golf and sustainability enthusiasts, this is your year! We are thrilled to announce that AVO Group – Autocares Vázquez Olmedo will be responsible for executing the shuttle service from Marbella to the prestigious Finca Cortesín, where the highly anticipated 2023 Solheim Women’s Golf Championship on the Costa del Sol will take place. We are also the official transporter for the various teams from Malaga Airport (AGP) to their respective accommodations and to the tournament celebration.

In this blog, we will elucidate why we stand as your finest choice for moving comfortably, sustainably, and stylishly at this globally renowned sporting event.

The Solheim Cup 2023, the largest women’s golf event, will be hosted for the first time in Spain from September 18 to 23 at Finca Cortesín on the Costa del Sol. This tournament, pitting the European and United States teams against each other, will draw thousands of fans from across the world to the Costa del Sol.

We recognize the significance of having an efficient and reliable transportation service during events of this magnitude, and we are delighted to be the orchestrating company for the shuttle service from various Marbella hotels, such as Hotel Villa Padierna, Hotel Barceló Marbella, Hotel Valle Romano, Hotel NH Marbella, Hotel Alanda Marbella, Marbella Arena, all the way to the prestigious Finca Cortesín, where the event will be held.

*** Sustainable Mobility, a Pillar of the Solheim Cup 2023 ***

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the Solheim Cup 2023. The tournament’s organization is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint.

In this regard, the shuttle bus service provided by AVO Group – Autocares Vázquez Olmedo plays a pivotal role in the sustainable mobility of the event. We take pride in offering a modern, high-quality service. Our fleet is equipped with cutting-edge technology, reducing pollutant emissions and ensuring passengers experience a comfortable and secure journey.

To deliver this shuttle service, AVO Group – Autocares Vázquez Olmedo will deploy three new hybrid buses, the Mercedes-Benz Intouro M hybrid, which blends the efficiency of a diesel engine with electric propulsion technology. This hybrid system substantially reduces CO2 emissions and other atmospheric pollutants by utilizing electric power during low-demand power phases, such as startup or at low speeds. These buses optimize efficiency and minimize fuel consumption, resulting in a substantial reduction in emissions and a cleaner, quieter travel experience.

Furthermore, we wish to underscore the advantages of using buses as a means of transportation: it aids in alleviating traffic congestion and simplifies the mobility of thousands of attendees who will be attending this much-anticipated event.

*** Sustainability at the Heart of Our Company ***

The facility housing AVO Group – Autocares Vázquez Olmedo, situated in the municipality of Alhaurín de la Torre and just meters away from Malaga Airport (AGP), is a genuine «ecological haven.»

Driven by renewable energy, we boast a photovoltaic system enabling us to utilize a clean energy source to power our buses. Moreover, we take care to conserve our water resources by collecting and reusing rainwater. Our wastewater treatment system aids in preserving the environment, and our commitment to responsible waste management includes recycling waste and possessing an oil separator.

The Solheim Cup 2023 is a distinctive event uniting thousands of individuals on the Costa del Sol. At AVO Group – Autocares Vázquez Olmedo, we take pride in contributing to the success of this event, offering both shuttle bus services and sustainable, efficient team transportation.

Don’t miss the chance to experience our transportation service. Visit our website and discover a realm of possibilities for bus travel.

In our company, sustainability and mobility go hand in hand.

We eagerly await to provide you with an unforgettable journey!

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